One Collier campaign launches to support Collier’s one-cent sales surtax

One Collier campaign launches to support Collier’s one-cent sales surtax

For Immediate Release
September 17, 2018

Naples, Fla. — One Collier, a political committee formed in support of Collier County’s proposed infrastructure sales surtax, has formally launched its campaign to inform and educate voters ahead of the November 6 general election.

The proposed seven-year, one-cent infrastructure sales surtax will raise approximately $490 million for critical infrastructure needs related to transportation and mobility, public safety and disaster preparedness. The sales surtax also provides funding for a variety of community betterment projects, including the Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park, a new workforce training center, and a larger mental health and addiction treatment facility.

“A vote in favor of the one-cent sales surtax on November 6 is essential to ensuring that these must-do projects carry forward in Collier County in the near term, maintaining our quality of life and preserving the vitality of our region,” said Dudley Goodlette, the chairman of the One Collier campaign and a former state representative.

Collier County’s proposed infrastructure sales surtax must be approved by voters before it can take effect. The proposed one-cent sales surtax is time-limited and would end by December 31, 2025.

“I have been involved in extensive conversations with our local leadership about this topic and believe that these projects are essential for Collier County,” said Garrett Richter, former state senator and president of First Florida Integrity Bank. “I am equally convinced that this is the best means to raise the required funding, minimizing the impact on residents and sharing the responsibility with our visitors.”

The proposal will minimize the impact on Collier County property owners by keeping property taxes low and reducing the need to incur debt to pay for infrastructure projects. The proposal also provides a way for everyone – including tourists and visitors – to contribute to Collier County’s future. An estimated 25 to 30 percent of the sales surtax revenue will be collected from tourists and visitors.

“The one-cent sales surtax has been carefully assessed and compared to alternative strategies and has been determined to be more cost-effective and considerate of the impact on individuals and businesses,” said Michael Dalby, the president and CEO of The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. “We know these projects will have to go forward, so it’s a matter of making the thoughtful, proactive commitment now. That’s why the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce supports the One Collier initiative.”

The proposal will raise $490 million countywide. Collier County government will receive an estimated $420 million for 18 different projects. Collier County’s three municipalities — Naples, Marco Island and Everglades City — will split $70 million for city-specific projects.

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